FAKE football cleats and jerseys in INDIA'S FAKE MARKET

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I returned to India’s biggest market of fake football cleats and football jerseys. I found fake Nike cleats and Adidas cleats as well as other unknown brands named after Ronaldo and Messi.

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39 comentarios en “FAKE football cleats and jerseys in INDIA'S FAKE MARKET

  1. NcWcN1

    Love the Caracas FC training top… I defer to red and black and tried to get a shirt from a Venezuelan former co-worker who had family in Caracas, but they never got around to doing the deed.

  2. syed wahid ali

    This market is for people who r having low income, the kids who doesn't have much money , go there and purchase some fake Jersey in which they are happy….And u need original Jersey's rite then why won't u go for a store room of Adidas, Puma, and Nike.. simply don't go to a low budget market and put stupid video's like this.. 😒😑


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